5% of all profits go to causes

Theses are the causes I currently support:

Winter •International Rescue Committee ~ School for Girls
Spring • Puget SoundKeeper Alliance
Summer •It Gets Better Project
Fall • National Resources Defense Council

Related to women, climate change, equal rights for all—in Seattle and around the world. Causes will change quarterly, and I welcome your recommendations.  Specifically, I'm hoping to support girls in education, micro businesses for women in the US and in other countries, effective advocacy for fighting climate change, and civil liberties / rights for every body.

Winter Quarter:  School for Girls in the Middle East, Africa and more

With the International Rescue Committee.  Just $58 will send a girl to school for a year!  The IRC is very efficient, with 92% of funds raised going to their programs.  

Their focus is to create, "high-impact, cost-effective solutions that help people affected by crisis."  Specifically, they work to support: economic well-being, education, health, power, safety.

Read more about their education gifts at:  gifts.rescue.org/product/education/year-school

Spring Quarter: Puget Soundkeepers Alliance

Stand up for clean water!  "We accomplish our mission by actively patrolling the waters of Puget Sound and monitoring for pollution, enforcing the Clean Water Act through legal action, engaging with businesses, government, agencies and citizens, and pursuing strong policy and proactive solutions to the problem of toxic pollution." 

 Read more at:  pugetsoundkeeper.org.

Summer Quarter: It Gets Better Project

Description coming soon.

 Read more at:  It Gets Better Project

Fall Quarter: National Resource Defense Council

Description coming soon.

 Read more at:  National Resources Defense Council

Do you have a cause you to tell me about?  Email me at jennygirlfriday@gmail.com  ♥