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It turns out: you can change an LLC name.  Simply fill out a Certificate of Amendment form, and pay $30.

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Missing Info: If you are a therapist, massage therapist, lawyer ... and occupation which requires a professional license, then it is recommended to get a Professional Limited Liability Company, or PLLC.

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Sales tax is now 10.1%  (Was 9.6%)

There is a new DOR (Department of Revenue) site, so there might be some changes—with making reports, searching, etc.

The Seattle Self Portal is being transitioned out.  Seattle will start using FileLocal next.  Click here to go to the new FileLocal for WA page.

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Excerpt One

From the Introduction
Pages 20 - 21


Different results require different methods

To engage in this journey is to be a pioneer.  Doing work in a rapidly changing world, in your own unique way, is a lost art.  You’ll be reinventing a wheel, but at least it’s one that you love.  It can feel lonely sometimes.  It’s natural to doubt yourself. 

Trust your instincts.  Ask the questions:  What’s best for me?  What’s best for my clients?  If you find that your answers are different or novel, then congratulations!  You’re an innovator.  Seth Godin, thought leader and business author, writes about being a “purple cow.”  If you were driving along and saw a purple cow, you would notice it—it stands out.  It makes you stop and look at it and wonder why it’s purple … and then it might make you want one.  Novelty is good!  It’s beneficial to stand out—when it’s based on real and authentic reasons. 

It sounds so easy, but in reality it feels risky to stick your neck out.  Once you’ve figured out some cool new thing to do, it can be tempting to look around and notice that no one else is doing that same thing…and then to doubt yourself.  Maybe I should change it ….

Here’s an example:  Currently, I have no fees for cancellations, late arrivals, or no-shows.  I do not suggest this for everybody.  Here’s why it works for me.  My clients are busy and can feel that they are under a lot of pressure.  My goal is to make their lives easier.  If they’re stuck in traffic and worried about being late, they might associate this feeling with me.  Instead, I want all of our interactions to feel calm and good. 

Lots of people have suggested I change this.  I’ve thought about it … maybe I should charge.  But then, when I heard the word should, I went back to the core questions about what’s best for me and my clients. I might change it one day, if a different policy is better for me. But it works for now.

All of this is to say that if you want results that look different, they will require different methods.  If you want to be self-employed, it’s likely because you want something different than the typical American work experience.   This is where you get to make up your own way.  It’s the only way to craft a job that you love, that fits your personal style, values, skills, and practical needs.  So embrace it! 

Welcome to the club … although it is a strange club, full of empowered, satisfied people who have no need for a club. 

Best to you in your journey.  This book was made just for you.

Excerpt Two

From Go! Do Your Work + Set up Shop
Page 117


How to Be a ROCKSTAR at Taxes



Here’s how to do the least amount of work possible, and still be ready for tax season. Truly, this is the biggest favor you can do for yourself. Your future self will thank you.

It only works if you do ALL four of these things:

1) With every deposit, always transfer 30% into business savings.  If you collect Washington sales tax, then make it 40%.

2) Use the One Box Method on the following page.  This includes reading about what you need to collect.  (Covered on page 119.)

3)  Mark your calendar with Important Dates.  (See page 120.)

4)  Plan some work time in January*.  You’ll need to total up some numbers for tax reporting.  You can get some help from a professional or friend, or can use the Numberssection of this book to do it yourself.

Tax time gets stressful when people don’t have enough money, don’t know how to file, or when they’re surprised by a huge tax bill.  This set of strategies is the antidote.  If you’ve collected all the stuff, you’ll be able to file all your taxes.  If you’ve got the money set aside, you’ll be able to pay them no problem.  It will be a lot easier to learn to do taxes if you’re not stressed.


* If Washington State requires you to file quarterly, set aside time each January, April, July, and October.  If monthly, then mark work time on your calendar during the first week of each month.


Excerpt Three

From Marketing chapter
Page 209


Marketing is Matchmaking


I like to say that marketing is matchmaking.  It connect two parties who are looking for each other.


This idea guides you through building your marketing strategies, brand, advertising and tools.   It gives the basic foundation.  The more you can understand the parties involved, the more effective your approaches will be.  With every choice, ask yourself, Does this reflect me? And,Will my ideal client like this? 

Your first job is to really understand yourself: precisely what service or product you’re offering, why you’re doing this work, what makes you special, and your style. 

Next, define your ideal client.  What are they like?  What do they need?  Where are they?  What will catch their eye?  Once we know more about them, we can choose marketing approaches that will find them, and appeal to them. 

Without clarifying your ideal client, you’re marketing blindly.  Although businesses can sometimes get lucky, it usually leads to finding customers you don’t want or efforts that flop.

The clearer you are about yourself and your ideal client, the better the match.  When done right, the result is a love story.  You’ll feel lucky to have your clients, and they’ll feel lucky to have found you!

We’ll explore both parties within the context of telling your story.

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