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Get friendly help
with all things licensing + tax related,
and how to set up shop
for your new dream business

Schedule 30, 60, or 90 minutes

Each 30 minutes costs $25 - 40, you choose

Locations vary

Smiles guaranteed!

Next Pop-Up Shops:

Thursday, August 9 Third Place Books in Ravenna, in the coffee shop area

Monday, September 10Third Place Books in Ravenna, in the coffee shop area

What can I help you with?

♥  Basic license + tax tutorial

♥  Curious about self-employment? - A custom Q+A

♥  Setting up an LLC

♥  Registering business license/s with WA and Seattle

♥  How to get started with bookkeeping

♥  Tips for setting up shop - to save time, money, stress

♥  Answering questions, for more peace of mind!

To sign up, use the form below, or email me directly:

Once I know your preferences, I'll find you a spot in the schedule, and then I'll email with your start time and what to bring.  :)

Please note:  It usually takes me 2-3 days to reply.  If you're waiting longer, please email me! sometimes these forms don't come through.  

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