One-Time Consults

60 minutes - $95
90 minutes - $130

(These reflect discounts of 40% and 46% off standard prices.)

Thursdays at 2:00pm ~ sometimes other times are available  :)

We can use this time however you'd like.  Often, these consults fall into one of the three categories below.  Whatever you're needing, my plan is to listen to you very carefully, I share several ideas, and for us to identify 1 or 2 next steps together.

The result:  you leave feeling clearer, and have some relief or excitement!

Possible reasons to meet ~


You need some information. Perhaps you'd like a walkthrough of getting licensed, doing taxes, or bookkeeping.  Maybe you're curious about self-employment.  Bring all your questions, and we'll cover as much material as we can.  

New Projects

You've got a vision for a project, and you want some help.  Perhaps some direction, ways to get started, help making choices, setting a timeline, etc.  Some common examples: building a website, writing a book, creating a suite of several print tools, defining your visual look, setting up a studio, etc.

Feeling Stuck / Overwhelmed

It's common to feel stuck or overwhelmed!  Often, talking it through helps a ton. I can listen carefully and help you tease out the pieces.  In addition, I can help you create a path and to get moving, by answering questions, choosing priorities and identifying steps that make sense.

Ready to set up a consult?

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