On-Going Support for Women

Interested?  The first step is for us to try a One-Time Consult to see if we're a match!  [Currently there is a waitlist.]

♥   Rates  ♥

For consults, project work, and coaching.


Standing Meetings ~ $108 - $130 an hour (you choose)
These can be once every 2, 4, or 8 weeks.  There is no charge for cancellations.

As Needed Meetings ~ $160 an hour

New Client Special ~ between $80 - $100 an hour
Pick your own hourly rate for the first three sessions.  Email me for details.

Travel Fee ~ $20
For traveling to Shoreline, West Seattle, Capitol Hill, and Belltown
(The free zone is North Seattle, most anywhere between the Ship Canal and 145th.)

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Session Types and Descriptions

Standard Work Session, rates above

We work on whatever is top of mind for you that day.  It can include any amount of talking/processing, working on projects, strategizing, planning, answering questions, research, tasks. The objective is for you to feel some relief, momentum, and/or excitement.

Detailed Intake Session 90 minutes, $240

If we decide that on-going support is for us, the first meeting (after the one-time consult) will be a detailed intake session. This provides context for our work. I’ll ask you all kinds of questions—about your ideas, challenges, roadblocks, dreams—in order to get an understanding of your business needs.  At the end of the session, I’ll share ideas for your business growth and how I can support you. In most cases, I will provide you with a list of 5 - 6 areas/projects for us to work on with specific steps.

3 Hour Project Sessions 3 hours for $290

Sometimes we might work on a project that requires a longer work session.  

Create a Starter Web Site We'll create version 1 of your new web site, with 4 - 6 pages and sign up for the domain name of your choice.  I'll do the typing and configuring, then I will show you how to make changes and add special touches.

Personal Tax Party !!  We'll get all your numbers ready for filing—for the IRS, WA state, and City.  Crumpled receipts and shoeboxes welcome.

Custom Work Session A design project, office reorganization, writing project, bookkeeping catch-up, whatever you need!


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New to Self-Employment

So, you've got an idea - about a way of working that you're excited about.  You're just not sure where to start.  

You know the service you want to provide, or the product you want to make…but the business side seems daunting!  To add more pressure, you might be getting advice from others about writing a business plan.

I have a different opinion.  In order to start working for yourself, I advise this strategy:

1.  Get licensed
2.  Get your first customer
Go.  Build the business side over time, as you do business

Here are some of the steps that I can help you with:

- Get licensed in Seattle
- Set up a starter web site
- Order business cards and other print materials
- Figure out what to charge
- Figure out what you need to make
- Learn about taxes and license renewal
- Talk about bookkeeping, and decide on what method fits your style
- Talk about where to outsource
- Get clear about your story
- Basic marketing strategies
- Set achievable goals to stay motivated

6 opinions ~
that I want to tell you upfront:

1.  I think it's best to you do things your way.
2. Just get going!  You will learn more, and more quickly, through doing your work.
3.  Make everything in the beginning as a prototype.  Repeat to yourself, "I can change this later."  (This is my 4th version of the web site.  It's WAY better than the first 3, but I needed them to get here.)
4.  I think that knowing your story - what you're about, what you do, and why - is most important step for getting new clients.
5.  It takes time to build the business side…and it's worth it, to make your dream job come true.
6.  I believe you can do it.

Interested in On-Going Support?  

Let's start with a One-Time Consult to see if we're a match.  Offered on Mondays at 2:00pm in the Green Lake area.  Email me for the next available dates, or with questions. :)

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Already Self-Employed?

Have any of these happened to you?

You're working all the time, but you're not making very much money.  One tricky client takes all your time.  You have lots of great ideas, but have a hard time getting started.  It's hard to keep a steady flow of work - because when you're busy, there's no time to advertise.  You started out wanting to work in one way, but you find yourself working in different way that you don't like as much.  You get letters from the government that you don't want to open.  You're behind on bookkeeping.  You wonder if you should be using social media more.  You wonder why you chose this path.  You thought it would be more rewarding.  You still love your favorite clients/products.

Being self-employed offers amazing freedoms…it also poses very unique challenges.  

It's not you…it's the system.  Way too much is demanded of self-employed people!  You have to do your work AND the business side - requiring you to wear a lot of different hats, and to switch between them.  

I can help you tame the business side, and get back to the work you love.

8 opinions ~
that I want to tell you upfront:

1.  I think it's best to you do things your way.
2. It helps to have a team!
3.  Go after ideal clients - say no to the others.
4.  Take time off, regularly.
5.  Probably, you need to raise your prices.
6.  It's about working smarter, not harder.  
7.  There's so much money in Seattle right now, I believe that you can make your business work!
8.  Seriously, you can do this!

Interested in On-Going Support?  

Let's start with a One-Time Consult to see if we're a match.  Offered on Mondays at 2:00pm in the Green Lake area.  Email me for the next available dates, or with questions. :)

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**If not 100% happy, I will work for 2 hours for free.  
If you're still not happy, I will refund your money.

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