5 out of 5 Stars on Amazon!

Comprehensive and actually FUN to read. Makes you feel excited about your business.

I have owned two businesses in Seattle and I set them up in a manner I can only describe as "guerrilla" and "possibly legal?" I say that with a question because I never felt sure that I was following all the legal guidelines. There was no manual for how to proceed. I mean, maybe there is, but it's obscured in some long text-only webpage that thinks its being clear, but is not being clear.

Jenny MacLeod is like a wizard who takes a bunch of dry tax/regulation stuff and then presents it in a way that makes it feel exciting--like you and your new business are about to do something really special together and don't worry, you have totally done every legal thing that you have to do. :) I wish her book came out 12 years ago when I was starting my first business. With that said, I still learned a lot in reading it, because through the years I've still shied away from the more boring parts of business, hoping I was doing them right, and happily I learned that I mostly have been. PHEW!

Five stars because:

• super readable, not at all dry
• easy to tell what you need to read next based on your particular biz situation
• author's tone is fun, light, and knowledgeable
• everything you need all contained in one book--how nice

Highly recommended.

By jessicainjune on September 15, 2016

This book was such an excellent help for me in starting my own small business

This book was such an excellent help for me in starting my own small business! Jenny's voice is informative, positive and organic.....the perfect fit for my small start-up. Recommending it to all my friends!

By roxie jane hunt on September 15, 2016

Easy, clear

By Valerie Pacino on September 15, 2016

Easy, clear, and actionable. I really enjoyed Jenny's approach to getting me organized and motivated: essentially figure out what you absolutely need...and then learn while you go. This book is such a wonderful resource, and I particularly valued the workbook-style sections, where I could think and process and develop strategies as I read. Thank you for putting this into the world -- it's going to help many people redefine their happiness and success as they figure out ways to become self-employed in Seattle.

Must read for anyone self-employed or starting a business

By Rachel on November 14, 2016

Read this book NOW! Not tomorrow, not next week, but NOW!

This book is the perfect mix of how to's / the mechanics of being self-employed with all the language and validation I had been looking for / trying to access from different people or resources. Every time I read another page, I would think "wow, she wrote this for ME!"

I transitioned to self-employment earlier this year was struggling with organizing my marketing strategies and committing to a few ideas. Jenny's book discusses the unique challenges of self-employment that I couldn't even quite articulate on my own and would present different ways to approach a problem. She connects with the reader and and has designed the book to make it easy to skip to the sections that are applicable to you, wherever you are in setting up your business.

Not only did I feel more confident in setting up my business, I also felt like I was getting the pep talk I needed about "trying out my dream job." When everything feels really hard, this book is a great reminder of how to tackle each problem and remind you about why you chose self-employment. I've been recommending this book to all my friends who are in different stages of business, from the initial thoughts about becoming self-employed to those that are already a few years in.

Setting up a business felt like walking through a maze....this book will make you feel confident

By Amy on September 19, 2016

I own a small shop and I wish I had read this book while setting up my business. Setting up a business felt like walking through a maze. This book takes the edge off, gives you confidence and practical advice on how to prioritize the work. It also gives clear guidance on what is a requirement, what is a "nice-to-have," and what is completely optional in setting up the business. Even having owned a business for nearly 4 years now, I still learned from the book. Not only did I learn from content on things like bookkeeping and filing taxes, but I also learned from the reminders throughout the book about choosing your own style and how to start the work that you don't necessarily enjoy doing. This book will make you feel confident in your own abilities and also that you are not alone. The format is generally non-sequential, which means you can pick it up and simply flip to any chapter on the first read, or anytime you need a refresher. This one will stay in my workspace for easy access.

Excellent advice and information for people starting their own business.

By George Strang on December 6, 2016

As someone who is in the process of starting up a coaching practice in Seattle, I cannot recommend this book too much. It contains a lot of practical advice about the permits and process that need to be followed specifically for Seattle. However it also has much information about what is required at the WA state level in addition to which it has much wise advice about self-management, managing finances and marketing which are applicable to people starting businesses anywhere.

It explains the different types of business entities and the differences between a sole proprietorship and an LLC. It provides step-by-step information on how to obtain the necessary licenses both at the city and state level. It also provides many ideas on how to find and keep clients.

Although the title of the book indicates that it is specifically directed towards an audience in Seattle, only a small portion of the book provides information specific to Seattle and there is much in the book that is relevant to people starting their own businesses anywhere. Again I cannot recommend this book too much for it’s practical, well organized and informative approach which has helped me take a more organized approach to starting my own practice.

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