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From confused and frustrated....to having clear vision + a blueprint

When I first started coaching with Jenny I was confused and frustrated with all the paths I could go down building my business as an author, blogger, and speaker. There were so many things I could do to build my business—which ones should I do? And which ones should I do first? And in what order? As a sole proprietor, I felt isolated. While I had some friends who were also self-employed, none of them were in the same situation, and they were all busy with their own work. I needed someone to bounce ideas off of who was very familiar with self-employment and who knew what it was like to be a solo-preneur. I needed a solo business coach!

When I read Jenny’s site, it was like the clouds parted. She was helping people exactly like me.

I hired Jenny and we met once a month for six months to discuss, assess, dream, and brainstorm about my business, and even more important, to articulate my vision for my life. She helped me realize what legacy I wanted to leave behind which helped me tons in figuring out what kind of business I wanted to build. After working with Jenny for six months, I feel like I have a blueprint (or treasure map!) for what I need to do over the next couple of years to make my vision a reality. I know that it will take consistent work over a span of time, but I’m ready for it, and am looking forward to it. I’m no longer confused or scattered about what I need to do. I’m so grateful I had this crucial time with Jenny. She was worth every single penny I paid her. Thank you, Jenny!

Peg Cheng
Writer & Speaker

I increased my client list and exceeded my sales goal by 30% the last two months!

I read Jenny's guide to self-employment cover-to-cover. I felt like she wrote it for me! Her writing articulated everything I've experienced so far in self-employment and also served as a guidebook for taking the next step with my business.

I reached out for a consultation because I had so many marketing ideas and didn't know where to focus my time and energy. She quickly identified easy, actionable ways for me to better manage my time so that I could prioritize the ideas I was most excited about.

My greatest success to date is following Jenny's advice of tracking more of what I want. It's so simple yet I was on information overload with all the resources out there telling me what I should be working on. I focused on all the dollars coming in and tracking my client list. I exceeded my sales goals by 30% the past two months and booked five new clients plus some repeat business!

Jenny is an invaluable resource for helping you find solutions and strategies that fit your style and business. 

Rachel Corwin
Organizer and Tidying Consultant

"I've increased my earnings by $10,000 each year for two years!" 

I feel incredibly thankful that I happened upon Jenny's flyer, and after her initial free consult I knew that I wanted to hire her as my business coach.   I've been a self-employed bookkeeper for the last six years and in the last 2 years of working with Jenny, my business has risen to a whole new level. Jenny has helped me solidify goals and identify the steps to attaining them. 

Specifically she has helped me to better manage my time (and better track billable hours) which has resulted in making more money.  I feel more clear about identifying clients that are the right fit for me, and I'm more firm about my policies (especially streamlining my work availability). 

For several years I had wanted to build a website but hadn't started the process.  While working with Jenny the whole process just flowed easily without struggle or frustration, and I now have a website that I love and that expresses who I am and what I offer. 

Jenny is perfectly suited for her work as a business coach—supportive, experienced, energetic, inspirational and able to organize and track what can sometimes feel like scattered reflections and goals.

Sadie Frederick
Bookkeeper and Consultant

"My blog went from earning $40 a month to over $1000 a month."

Working with Jenny was an essential step in taking my business from concept into full force reality. She helped me with the inevitable mundane and overwhelming aspects of starting a business by organizing, simplifying, and executing tasks with positivity and practical skill.

Working with her gave me a sense of excitement about the process, and a great deal of forward growth. Most importantly, her sevices gave me the peace of mind to be able to enjoy the process while trusting in the outcome.

Roxie Hunt
Natural Beauty and Hair Blogger

"I went from sewing my collection 0 - 5 hours a week, now I get to sew 20 hours a week or more."

Claire Gardipee
Apparel Artist & Dressmaker

Prior to meeting Jenny I had spent several years working on building my own business, but on my own I was unable to grow it to the point where I could make a living off of it and quit my other job.

Jenny has helped me to manage my time and energy, to remove obstacles and fears, and to continually approach goals, achieve them and move on to the next. She truly tailors her support to whatever will help you succeed, whether that is monitoring numbers or making sure to take care of yourself so the work doesn't consume your life and burn you out.

Her patience and flexibility and capacity to untangle my vast web of mayhem has been utterly invaluable - and now I am nearing self-employment, have a consistent and enjoyable work flow and am liberated of many of the fears I faced before. She is the one tool that has helped me turn my dreams into reality, I couldn't recommend her more highly.

Jeff Williams
Author, Poet, and Content-Marketing Consultant
320 Sycamore StudiosRebel Crow Poetry, and Acme Content


"…from 0 clients billing 0 dollars to 6 clients billing $7500 in the most recent month."

Classic case of business ADD:  My head was spinning with opportunities and I wasn't sure which ones to defer, which ones to chase down, and how to prioritize the ones I did follow.  Argh!

Enter Jenny, the entrepreneur-whisperer.  She helped me clarify my brand, sort out what mattered, figure out what would make money, and learn how to find some balance.  What's more, she talked me down from numbers bookkeeping and accounting ledges, setting up processes that were easy to follow and which freed my scattered brain to do the work I'm passionate about.

Fast forward 6 months.  My content-marketing consulting business has gone from 0 clients billing 0 dollars to 6 billings $7500+ in the most recent month.  I need to raise my rates!  Best of all, I've been able to carve out time to do the personal work that matters to me AND build a new business around that.  Thanks, Jenny!  You've been the best business investment I've made."

"I now make a full-time living in just 3 days a week working for myself compared to 5 days a week as an employee!"

I came to my first meeting with Jenny overwhelmed and hesitant to take the next step with my business. She immediately pulled out her computer, looked me straight in the eye with a look of friendly confidence, and started asking me what I see for my dream. She helped me realize that with a little help, the big stuff, the tough stuff, wasn’t that hard after all. It was completely within my grasp!

She sent me away feeling ecstatic about my dream and gave me a few things to work on to start making it become reality. Since that first meeting, Jenny has played an invaluable role in keeping me inspired, breaking down the big ideas into workable pieces, and helping me to organize my passion into something that will secure a bright and comfortable future for myself. It is my good fortune that Jenny is in the business of helping other businesses thrive!

Carlie Williams
Licensed Massage Therapist