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Do work you love.  Be happy. Make Seattle better.  Be self-employed!



Hello :)

Being self-employed is about having an awesome work style and lifestyle. 

The trick is getting started...and to keep going!  That's where I can help.



Hi, I'm Jenny

I'm here to help women in Seattle become self-employed, and/or stay self-employed.  

I LOVE my job.  I think happy people make the world a better place.  And I think the route to happiness is a combo of being yourself, enjoying your work, and living in balance.  It takes courage, a little know-how and time. You are my heroes and it's my pleasure to support you!

My promise to you

To provide information and encouragement so you can get right to work building your business and feel great along the way. ♥

What can I help you with?



Getting licensed, finding customers, setting prices, how to be a rockstar at taxes (even if you hate numbers), tricks of the trade, how to talk to worried friends and family, inspiration stories ... and more!  Can't find what you're looking for? Email me at: Get what you need, in your favorite format.

Seattle Business Apothecary - In Development and Open

Online resource center with a blog, how-tos, downloadable tools, resources and more. Being developed throughout 2018, please pardon the dust.

Sidekick Service via Email

Get tax + license reminders, along with inspiration and resources.  Always accessible for free, asking for an annual donation of $5 - $120.  Makes tax season a breeze and provides peace of mind all year.

Book:  How to Become Self-Employed in Seattle:  A Guidebook, Companion, and Reference

Available in local bookstores and on Amazon.  Offers the 1, 2, Go Method so you can get up and running fast!  (No business plans, and written in plain English.)

One time consults

Get your questions answered quickly!  The goal is that you leave feeling clear and excited, with your next steps defined.  Offered at a discounted rate.

Talks & Workshops

Attend a public talk or workshop ... or hire me to work with your group. Read more about topics and prices.

On-Going Support

Available through invitation only. Get help with business tasks, talk through ideas and decisions, have some company in your journey! Curious about this? Let's start with a one-time consult.  :)

"... my business has risen to a whole new level." 

"She sent me away feeling ecstatic
about my dream..."

"the entrepreneur-whisperer"

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A little about self-employment:

Being self-employed is a special category.  (It is not the same as a business owner or entrepreneur.)

The self-employed person simply wants a job that she likes that also fits in with her life goals.  This is very different than trying to make a million dollars, or inventing the next new craze.  

What's the catch?

It can be hard to get started.  And it can be hard to keep going.  Business books and classes can seem overwhelming and the minutia can get you down.  There are a lot of hats to wear.  This is where I come in.  I can guide you through the maze and help you run the business part your way.  So you can get back to the work you love.

Anyone can do business.  

You just need:  the right information and time to get your systems down.  


What do you want to do next?

Read some blog posts at the Business ApothecaryHow to Set Up Your Business as an LLC, How to Set Up Your Business as a Sole Proprietor, Handy Guide to Tax Season

Find out where to buy the book, or get from the library.  (Same page, scroll to the bottom.)

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