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The Work + Clients


Since 2017, Seattle’s Resource for Self-Employed Women

Offering Sidekick Service, the Seattle Business Apothecary, one-time consults, workshops,small group work parties, on-going support, and a Book.


Since 2012, on-going support to self-employed women

A combination of:  listening, coaching, being a sounding board + help with business tasks:  branding, websites, licensing, preparing for taxes.

Most clients and readers fall into 3 categories:  artists, healers, and caring professionals.

Past + current clients include:  Artists, writers, designers, jewelry makers, sculptors, fashion designers, massage therapists, healing arts, wellness coaches, yoga teachers, soap and salves, kale chips, fundraising consultant, color consultant, marketing consultants, bookkeeper, editors.

The Why

Dreams are important
Happy people make the world better
Keep the Soul in Seattle
Lots of help for start-ups, small business, founders. The tiniest businesses need help too!

The Book


How to Become Self-Employed in Seattle:  A Guidebook, Companion, and Reference.  
1st Edition in 2017, 2nd Edition (Revised) 2018
400 pages
Reviewed by an accountant and lawyer
Available at Third Place Books, Elliott Bay Book Company, and Seaview Barber Company, Amazon, and Seattle Public Library

Walks the reader step-by-step through licensing in Seattle.  No business plans required.  Includes checklists, ProTips, client stories, and useful topics in 5 areas of well as encouragement.  The goal:  for readers to get started right away on their idea, and to learn as they go.

Most people DO NOT need a business plan to become self-employed.

Instead, JGF created the 1, 2, Go method:

1:  Get licensed
2:  Get first customer
Go:  Do business and grow over time

The Only One


Not using a formal process
Not trying to 'grow clients'
Straight up help
Tiniest businesses
Encouraging, cheerleading, especially with Taxes. Everyone can do business
It's okay, and even required!, to be yourself
Growth at the right pace for each person

Bio Options + Background


Jenny MacLeod aka Jenny Girl Friday is a resource for self-employed women in Seattle. She writes, teaches and consults. Jenny lives in Green Lake with her family in a half-finished house.


Jenny MacLeod is on a mission to help women in Seattle become self-employed, or grow their business if they already are.  She provides support in a variety of ways (Sidekick Services via email, online resources, one-time consults, and more), with a knack for making business chores easy, and even fun. Jenny lives in Green Lake in a half-finished house, with her husband, Alex—a poly-hobbyist—and two teenagers.   She’s never owned a cell-phone and dreams of living in Hawaii part-time.


Jenny MacLeod (Jenny Girl Friday) has been working 1-on-1 with self-employed folks for 5+ years.  Now, she’s on a new mission to make business chores easier and even fun……for every single self-employed woman in Seattle.  Her newest offerings include: Sidekick Services (tax reminders + how-to articles via email), one-time consults, workshops, and an online business apothecary (in the works).  She also released a book last year, How to Become Self-Employed in Seattle:  A Guidebook, Companion, and Reference

Jenny lives in Green Lake in a half-finished house, with her husband, Alex—a poly-hobbyist—and two teenagers.  You might spot her driving around town in her VW bus, on her way to Iyengar yoga or happy hour.  Jenny’s never owned a cell-phone and dreams of living in Hawaii part-time. She believes self-employed folks are essential to the Soul of Seattle.

Some Numbers

2013 official start
100+ Clients
300+ Workshop Attendees
86% Initial consults > On-going support
$4000 - $105,000 Income range of clients
8 books in the Seattle Public Library, 40 highest number of holds
$96 - $120 ~ On-Going Support rate range, clients choose custom rate


Tina Fey
Dr. Clarissa Pinkola Estes
Guy Kawasaki
Steven Pressfield
Chris Guillebeau


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Press + Appearances 

Interview—Meet the Minimalist: Jenny MacLeod, with Spruce with Rachel
Interview—Jenny, aka Girl Friday, with How-to Hair Girl
Interview—Soulful MBA Podcast, September 2018

Talks + Workshops
Summer School Class with Short Run
Two Tax Workshops at The INC.
Website Workshop, Student Advising, and Curriculum Review at DiscoveryPoint School of Massage
Talk for Voice Actors Meet-up
Talk for Wood Technology Center of Seattle Central
Panel Speaker for Camp Thundercraft 2018

Upcoming ~

Spotlight Table—Northwest Ladies In Business - September Meeting


Results + Client Stories

With Jenny’s support, clients typically:


> Leave their current job or reduce hours.  Carlie used to be full-time employee.  Now she works 3+ days a week for herself. 

> Earn more money. Sadie increased her income $10,000 a year for two years.Get higher salaries if they return to employment.  Tavia and Jeff each nearly doubled their salaries (from previous work), leveraging skills they’d gained from self-employment.

> Set up work so it fits their style. Claire uses a spiral notebook for accounting Dana teaches 40 minute piano lessons and takes August off.

> Have confidence with taxes + pay the right amount. Shawn started with a shoebox of receipts and anxiety.  Now, he avoids overpaying $3000 a year and feels on top of it. 

> Spend more time doing what they love.  Heidi has time to go wildcrafting and to work in her garden.

> Achieve life goals.  Tavia spent a month in France.

Collaboration + Community

Spruce with Rachel
320 Sycamore Studios
Tavia Rhodes Music
Northwest Ladies in Business
The Launch Program, with Modern Relationships PLLC ~ In the Works

Availability + Contact info

Available for interviews, guest articles, guest and panel speaking. And podcasts. 
Welcomes book reviews.

Jenny Girl Friday aka Jenny MacLeod, Girl Friday
Living in Green Lake


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